I was 7 or 8 the first time I had a real crush. That a-hole used to kick me everyday. But he had really great hair. And every teacher told me repeatedly how it was clear he liked me and his tan skin would flush each time. Being a boy, though, of course, he kept kicking me. That is until one day I kicked him back so hard they had to call his parents.

That was the start of my villain’s origin story.

Kidding. But it did start an obnoxious pattern that I see now set the stage for this website and business you’re perusing.

Welcome! You see… I’m not just a bystander in the realm of love; I’m a seasoned navigator with 16 years of life coaching and a decade as a dedicated love coach and entrepreneur. The stage for a two-decade-long pattern of “Not Like That” romances was set by that little jerk in grade school… but I would go on to set myself up to have my heart kicked many times over after that. Always by boys (and then Men), who liked me but were clumsy with me.

I’m grateful because these were the kind of crushes that taught me what I didn’t want – a love that was almost, but not quite enough.

I’ve walked the path of the heart’s labyrinth, not just as a seeker but as an alchemist, of sorts. I was determined to take all I had and transform it into something completely different. I just knew I had it inside me already, I just didn’t know the how.

My quest wasn’t just personal; it was a pilgrimage to understand love’s intricate patterns and to forge a new path where none existed. I refused to accept the legacy of love that was handed down to me, as much as I love my amazing parents who have celebrated almost 40 years together. I learned perseverance and grit from the, but there were some lessons I knew I didn’t want to take with me. 

I knew deep down that growth wasn’t found in the safety of solitude. It was out there, in the wilds of vulnerability and connection. So, I set out on a mission to challenge everything I thought I knew about love and myself. This took confronting a lifetime of conditioning that I had to wait until I was “skinny” to be loved. I just decided… “Nope.”

It was scary, sure. But the real fear? Not that I’d fail, but that I’d succeed and have to face a whole me. A me without the excuses and stories of why love was alluding me. I had to take FULL responsibility for what I was creating and I had to be WILLING TO FAIL. As long as it took. But I know myself… if I set my mind to something and go all in? Forget it. It’s DONE. 


Turns out, my magic spread through my new love-filled Queendom. I called 2012 my Year of Love, and boy, did it deliver. Nine months into my all-in journey, I met my lobster, my KwaeBear – the man who’s now my rock, my partner in crime, and the one who charges my phone when it’s on its last breath. He’s also the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen – inside and out. And the pesky weight issue???… yeah. Not a problem for him. He says with his 6’2” frame and long arms, he’s got me!

(I was 275lbs when we met and fell in love. SO TRUST ME WHEN I SAY,  IT IS NOT YOUR WEIGHT/LOOKS THAT ARE STOPPING YOU! But I will say that learning to unabashedly love every single inch and ounce of me did absolutely change the tide!)

In my decade of shaping hearts and minds through my business, I’ve been creating and sharing lessons that are both challenging and liberating. I share a lot about my own learnings because I learned quickly that I’m simply not that special. The fears I have? We all do. The anxiety I felt? Men had them too. I just had to find a way to connect differently and with a different intent. It worked. I’ve now been teaching Women my methods for a decade and it only gets sweeter!

My clients don’t just learn about love; they embody it. They soar on the wings of newfound wisdom, charting courses to relationships that are as fulfilling as they are transformative. We share a kinship of the heart—we’re the ones teetering on the brink of our full potential, always yearning for more.

The ones who dare to dismantle our lives when they no longer resonate with our deepest desires.

If you’re ready to graduate from the old paradigms and step into a love that’s both groundbreaking and genuine, I’m here to lead you through the labyrinth. With me, you’ll discover the answers that will elevate your heart and set your spirit soaring.

Together, we’ll unlock the love that you not only desire but truly deserve.

I don’t stop until you win.

-Coach Angelisa